Here are a few images that few if any of us will ever get to see in real life.  Most of us will have to do it  vicariously.   The reason being that there are some rather serious prerequisites.  First, you must be really wealthy or have a sponsor.  Two, you need to have a private jet to travel in style to Chamonix and the Italian Alps.  Three, you need to be an EXPERT skier, and hire a local mountain guide to keep you from tumbling into the abyss of a crevasse, or becoming a ripple in the face of an avalanche.  Next......What! There's more???? Yup, you have to be young, strong, resilient and a wonderful photographer.  Look closely, for in some of these images the clouds are not merely  overhead  but ascending from below  or you're embraced in a cloud sandwich of ethereal mountain light.   Barbara has run some of these pictures in a video presentation to me with a music background and it is truly inspiring.  Go ahead, it's o.k. to be green with envy.

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