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The essence of photography can be defined as the communication of thought, feeling and emotion in a visual medium.  How one approaches that, is as varied as the number of image-makers that exist. The rush of excitement experienced when viewing a perfect flower, a magnificent sunset, or any of a multitude of experiences is akin to being in love.



To have seen for the very first time a perfect moment and be able to communicate that moment with others is to me, that essence of photography.  How many of us go through life seeing and at the same time blind to the light which illuminates the texture of our existence.  How many times have we come upon a scene and sensed a palpable beauty we were unable to actually define.  As a photographer we are compelled to ask, what is that “Oh Wow!”  To focus on it, make it important and interpret it in a way that is unusual in either form, color or perspective.



Jerry Sanders’ work has been featured in magazine articles such as Peterson’s Photographic, Soul of the Wolf nature magazine, Snow Country magazine, and in the Ski Adventure Connection. In August of 2003 he has credits for photographing the photographer in TV Guide Magazine.

He has led workshops in outdoor photography in the Southwest, Northwest and Fall colors of the Northeastern United States.

Examples of his work can be found in numerous private collections, the Burbank municipal building, corporate offices and galleries on the West Coast. Interpretive images of his can be found at the Very Large Array site in New Mexico, the subject of the movie "Contact" with Jody Foster.

            Under the tutelage of  Guy D'Alema, Gene Trindl, Noella Ballenger, and George Lepp new fields of creativity are constantly being explored. 

            The influences of Monet, Cézanne, W. Eugene Smith, Judy Dater, Freeman Patterson and Ernst Hass have helped to bridge the gap between reality and abstract interpretation.

Only when one is drawn to an image and is permitted to establish a dialogue with it, has the image-maker touched another’s soul.

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