Barbara Sanders ...........Her website is: She is a world renown

          ski instructor, sports and travel writer as well as a dedicated  photographer and specialist in

         la vida grande.  Also check out

         Her latest and greatest is her foray into the creative and demanding world of publishing.  Her concept was to create a magazine 

          geared towards the rich and famous.  If you want to know the latest about getting your personal jet serviced, the best wine

          cellars and chefs, or ways to be pampered you may not even know you needed......have a look at:



Guy D'Alema ...............A superb fashion and media photographer with a extraordinary imagination coupled with outstanding technical abilities. Have a look at the masterful way this 'Guy" puts his comp pages together.  A reflection of talent, ability and intuitive excellence.  Guy is  based in Atlanta, GA, has a wonderful sense of humor, is a joy to work with and has a stable of beautiful models you can view at:


Curt and Andie Sanders:  Nope.....they are not related other than in their love for photography.  These are a lovely and talented couple that we had the pleasure of meeting while in Rochester, MN.  They took us under their wing and our friendship immediately blossomed.  They compliment one another not only in their marriage but in their art.  Do visit them at: and savor the masters of the craft of photography.



Gene Trindl.................Here is a site put up for Gene for one of his shows in Ventura, CA.  It doesn't do justice to one of the MASTERS of Hollywood.  Gene has generously shared with me his knowledge of darkroom, portrait photography, and his enthusiasm for life and photography.  He is a gentleman I am proud to call FRIEND.  He was chosen by the IPA (International Photography Awards) to be presented with the LUCIE statue. For Outstanding Achievement in Portrait Photography …….. sound of envelope being opened…..GENE TRINDL!!! Soundly trumping such luminaries as Annie Leibovitz, Richard Avedon, Gordon Parks, Joyce Tennyson and tens of thousands of other photographers world wide, Gene is of course ecstatic. His nomination was submitted by the ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) and represents a significant milestone in his life as well as being the first LUCIE award to be given.  Check out the first entry on my What's New Page for more about Gene.


bulletF/Stops Camera Club......A dynamic and creative group of photographers located

         in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles:

bullet This site will showcase the talents of a husband and wife
team....Roy and Anne Allen. The "Candy Man" has been creating beautiful images for some time and now, Anne has "the fever". Fortunately she has the talent to go with it and on a recent trip to "shoot horses", blew everybody's doors off. Have a look and see what's making Roy nervous:


bulletJim Morris has been a judge at our camera club for more years than I want to remember.  He is creative and a superb technician.  He has shared with so many of us, his talents and visions of the world in the viewfinder:  Jim's latest addition is a fantastic online photo critique blog called:  This link offers you a chance to learn how to improve your photographic techniques much as we do in the F/Stops Camera Club with Jim.


bulletIsa and Brad-Polt Jones are a husband and wife team in the truest sense of the word.  They both own and operate FUTURE LIGHT DIGITAL DARKROOM which is a wonderful school that is located in San Francisco.  It is here that one needs to spend time learning how to surf the waves of is no longer the "future":


bulletKaren Han A dynamic and exceptionally talented young lady who is a virtuoso on the Er-Hu.  A two stringed instrument of Chinese antiquity, the Er-Hu has a tonal range similar to the viola. In the capable  hands of musical genius such as hers, the emotional experience transcends time and cultures.   We could all do with an energy transfusion from this girl. If you think you're busy, see what is going on at:  or


bulletKESHET CHAIM DANCE ENSEMBLE  A wonderful group of young amateurs who dance like professionals.  Share their culture, enthusiasm and messages via:


bulletLARRY SANDERS  Will wonders never cease.  I thought it was a curious, heretofore unrecognized mutation of the photography gene that caused my daughter to become enamored of the photon arts.  This is evidently a dominant gene for here is a cousin that I had lost track of (I'm ashamed to say) over forty years ago.  We've been smoking the emails ever since we finally hooked up and guessed it.....he is THE premier ART PHOTOGRAPHER east of Los Angeles, California....and maybe here too.  He does exquisite images of artist's handiwork for submission to juried shows.  This is the critical link between the artist and the gallery exhibition.    Larry is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and his email is :  "Larry Sanders" < 
bulletCHRISTINA RICHARDS   A new website that features so many things in photographic resources.


bulletEVAN GOLDMAN     A wunderkind in the field of sports and politics.  In the art of photography, our job is to show people something from a perspective and in a way they have never seen it before.  Well, Evan does this in his blog using the lens of education, inspiration, and a questioning mind.  They may not be able to count ballots where he comes from but they can count on him for the straight scoop at:





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