It was October and I glanced at the pictures on the wall to reaffirm  there is nothing like Autumn in Vermont.  I contemplated what does  one do when you're not in Vermont however?  The easiest solution I could think of was to jump in the car and head up Highway 395 to the magnificent Sierras.   After consulting the latest scientific information (mine is a glass sphere) I decided the best color was going to be just outside of Bishop, CA.  in the South Lake area.  I confess to having photographic ADD and try to never pass up a chance to capture what is " over the hill" and was therefore forced to make a few detours along the way. My first was to visit a tree that had no "color".  In spite of the issue that they have no leaves and are 3000 plus years old,  I had to visit the Bristlecone Pines northeast of ,  you guessed it, Big Pine, CA.  The reason that these trees have survived so long and are in fact the oldest living things on earth, is that nothing else can survive at that altitude and cold.  Going from sea level to 11,000 feet in one day and hiking with a camera pack that becomes forty pounds heavier at altitude you become a believer.  Creating a  photograph that captures this environment was  difficult for many reasons and I settled on infrared.  What better, but the otherworldly images it renders in this alien environment.  From there, it was off to Bishop to drink in the flaming oranges, yellows and verdant greens of the Sierra Fall.  The heavy cloud cover super saturated the existing color and I was on a physical as well as emotional high.  From there, I pressed further north to experience the magic of Mono Lake with it's tufas pointing the way to magnificent sunrises and sunsets. I felt like the proverbial kid with the key to the candy shop and didn't waste any time in stuffing myself by heading a little further up the road to the ghost town of Bodie. 

    I would like to share some of the images that we are so fortunate to have just hours from home in Los Angeles so if you have a moment please click HERE