This was indeed a convoluted photographic adventure.  It started out as a trip to N.Y. city then got changed to New Mexico and finally settled on the Red Rock Country that is Sedona, AZ.  I think a little blog would be in order here if you have a minute and you are of the photographic persuasion.  While planning the trip to New Mexico we discovered the following:  The tribe that manages the Acoma Pueblo does not allow digital cameras.  Excuse me???  What other kind is there now?   Yes there are other restrictions about where and what you can photograph and how much you have to pay on a per camera basis but if you wish to keep those nasty tourists out, why not just lock the gates?  One would think that if you wished to promote tourism to the reservation/state that a little ENcouragement would be in order. Do you want to photograph the multitude of bats entering or leaving the cave system at Carlsbad……not allowed.  As we went down the “to do” list we found more and more reasons not to sleep in New Mexico.  Why is it that photographers are regarded today as a form of social disease rather than a source of public relations and tourist dollars?  Guess money is not a problem for some states. 

            Ok. Got that off my chest (there is indeed more) but let’s get to the joy that is Sedona.  Yes, there are changes in the last ten years that I am not enamored of but they say it is progress.  Can you tell I’m getting older?  One can no longer just pull off the road when viewing the initial “gaspers” as you pull into town.  All roads are now curbed and they tell you where you may pull off.  Home construction is rampant and the virgin hillsides are now peppered with developments.  In spite of that, the magic of the outlying areas and the people remain.  Weddings at sunset above the city, Palatki ruins with wall murals sculpted by nature and viewed by the Southern Sinagua people between 500 AD and 1425  and the ghost town of Jerome. So much to see so let’s quit jabbering and get on with it…..just click HERE.