I recently did portrait photos of Gene Trindl for a story they are running on him for TV Guide Magazine.  It should be out on 31 August 2003 and will be about the 300 or so covers he shot for them over the years.  It makes me feel good to have a Hollywood photographer of his stature ask you to take HIS picture.  Fashion models automatically give you great poses, portrait photographers give YOU ...uhh   DIRECTIONS !

         It is with great sadness that I must tell you that on June 29th 2004 Gene Trindl passed away.  Please click on his picture for some of our THOUGHTS ABOUT GENE TRINDL.


The latest adventure is a trip Oregon. The lady who runs this horse drive is going to be NINETY YEARS OLD in February. Her name is Wilma Roberts.  She moves like thirty-something, has a twinkle in her eyes, a love of photography and people. What a trip!    Click HERE to enter


The trigger finger was just healing up from the Oregon trip when I remembered a promise I made to myself three years ago.  It was about Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons in Wyoming.  Wave to the park ranger and  Click HERE to enter....I have the map


    Sean and Colleen Tucker were skiing with my daughter Barbara in Portillo and after getting to know each other, an offer was made.  He said since your dad loves photography AND flying, have him give me a call when I get back to the states.  I learned some time back to never say "No", so when Sean asked, "Would you like to meet me at the next air show and do some photography for us"?  I told him my bags were already packed.  Segue to Las Vegas for the Aviation Nation Air Show at Nellis Air Force Base.  Please click         HERE .....you won't even have to go through security.


When you stop to think about it, we are so unique.  I know you've heard it a thousand times that "when they made you, they threw the mold away".  Well, perhaps more truth than metaphor.  How many "Old Masters" paintings or photographs of prior generations have you seen and yet, none of the faces are duplicated in your lifetime?  The permutations of eyes, nose, mouth, hair, or facial conformity is apparently endless.  Similarities yes, but rarely if ever exactly duplicated.  I have some people to introduce you to.  See if you can decipher the body language, gaze, expression, surroundings etcetera and allow them to "talk to you".  Please click    HERE  for an introduction.


     "Have you ever photographed dance" I was asked. Well, Native American Pow-Wows for one but....no, not really.         I love a challenge  and since all of Iife is about motion and rhythm, I  said Yes, I'd like to try that.  Another opportunity to not say "NO" sure makes things interesting.  I didn't learn how to dance but I did have an epiphany that I would like to share with you.  By now, you know the drill, so just click HERE  and put on your dancing shoes.


Conjures up all kinds of images....doesn't it?  Click on the thumbnail, hitch up the team and let's go.


     The color, bouquet , symmetry variability and beauty ....what's not to like?

      Click on the thumbnail photo and let's see what's blooming here



    If you have ever had dreams (delusions) of becoming a war correspondent this is how I did it.

   Click on the thumbnail, lock and load



    This is a major north/south artery in California with some of the most  spectacular scenery in the world. On my way to savor the Fall colors in California, I took some side trips along it that were truly memorable.  The tank is full, so If you want to come with me, hook up your seat belt and click HERE


 This is a simple category......jut feel the love and connection...................HERE 


Be sure to see this recently finished project about women and their battle with cancer ........HERE


Come take a trip with me to a magic place of visions that the eye can't perceive.  HERE


     When the movie "MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA" was being cast for dancers, they turned to  Fujima Kansuma.  I had the pleasure of meeting with her at Descanso Gardens initially one year ago.  Karma permitted us to re-visit and I was able to renew our connection, this time at a rehearsal for an upcoming performance.  Kansuma Sensei is 88 years young, and moves like a cat. Her eyes and brain are constantly in motion and she draws on the young about her for joy and sustenance.  With each encounter, another layer of social veneer is exposed and in this encounter something became rather apparent.  What revealed itself was her achievement of immortality. This is what we attain when we teach others.  In her case, she is busy passing on her heritage of dance and Japanese culture to her students so that they may partake in the cycle of life as she does.  To view some of my feelings as captured with my camera and heart, click HERE


     When Genie Benson asked if I wanted play with the Keshet Chaim Dancers as they prepared for their upcoming show "The Colors of Israel", I said "Of course"!  It was two years since I last saw them (see earlier entry on this page) and I was curious how they were doing and where everybody was in their life.  I had a blast, meeting old friends and attempting with camera to capture their love for dance, one another and joy of life.  Hand the usher your tickets, come down the aisle and click HERE.


     I was approached by a woman at the cast party for Keshet Chaim and she asked, "Would you like to photograph ballet dancers"?  I said of course,  and that I in fact, had an unresolved Degas complex.  She said "O.K.  They are in Salzburg, Austria".  Pop onto the next page by clicking on HERE and we'll do a little show and tell.


 Well, I do have a confession to make.  I really am not enamored of bird photography.  First, you have to schlep these huge lenses and secondly, every time you try to snap  an image, they turn their head a microsecond beforehand.  Being one that seems to thrive on challenges I put up the hummingbird feeders and proceeded to lie in wait with my camera and tripod.  These little guys were actually cute.  They would fly six inches in front of our face to see if we were ok and then it was back to the sugar water in the feeders.  They are fiercely territorial and would zoom after any other birds that came into their space.  I liked the results I got and decided to go after bigger prey.  I now graduated to Egrets that were feeding in the Sepulveda Basin near our home.

    I'd like to share with you some of the images I acquired and hope that you like them too.

                                   Shhhhhh  please be very quiet and click HERE 


    Yes there are a lot of things not to like about living in L.A. but......one of it's major attractions is the ability to hop into the car and within 90 minutes Scotty can beam you  into an entirely alien milieu.  Be it mountains, ocean, snow, urban jungles or beaches they can all be a day pack away.  On one of those "cabin fever" days, we decided to head north and since it is said that God does not count against you any day you spend with a fishing pole or a camera in your hand, we had a marvelous time.  C'mon you need a day off.....don't you??  Just click HERE and let's sample that ocean breeze. It was one of those trips with Elephant Seals, vineyards, sunrises and sets.....Oh MY!  And  yes, look in the right lower corner for the advance button or the third one in from the right activates a slide show.


     After having so much fun in Pismo Beach, we decided to range a little further up the coast.  The "Golden State" never seems to run out of surprises and although we have been doing this for some time, we still get like kids when we see the wildlife, the sun about to cross the horizon and nature's spectacular  compositions.  I do hope you're not too tired for another adventure so c'mon pick up your camera and let's shoot some happenings and let's get some of those infrared views too.  Just click HERE and let's get going.


     As I said earlier, one of the L.A. perks is the proximity to the mountains.  Being that we are within an hour of almost any type of terrain or weather, we decided to visit Big Bear Lake and see just how smart our newest photographic toy really was.  What toy you ask?  The latest and greatest addition to my camera bag enables us to "see" over the next ridge or around the next turn. When maps fail you, you now have to whip out the portable GPS.  What a great tool for exploring where the "road less traveled" is.  Our trigger finger was itching and we needed to see how things had changed in the last 20 years there.  You know the drill....just click HERE.


     Our daughter Barbara wanted to do a bonding trip with her old dad but we had limited time.  After sorting through the various locations that need two visionaries with digital cameras, we settled on the Yucatan peninsula.  I did my research on the ruins of the Mayans and we made our list of "gotta sees".  Only problem was the pictures I saw didn't get my image making juices flowing.  Enter the magic of infrared photography and the digital era, with the magic of the history and ancient architecture.  This represents only a small fraction of the excitement we had.  Later on, I'll tell you and show you a little about the warm, welcoming and friendly people we had the joy of being with.  Just put on your pith helmet and grab your camera.....we're off.  Just click HERE.


     As part of the Spring ritual, we look forward to the blooming of the desert in Lancaster, CA which is about one hour North or our home.  The last few years have been rather sparse and it is usually attributed to too much rain, not enough rain, too hot, too cold, too this, too that etc. etc. Bottom line, is that this year, it was pretty good  for our state flower, the California Poppy.  The challenge as always was "how ya gonna see it differently"?  Come have a look with us and let's explore the fields and see what we can come up with.  Be careful where you lie down.....they do have rattlesnakes out there you know but I understand that photographers are immune to their venom.  The nice part is that you don't have to be there at the crack of dawn as the little guys are all furled up and don't awaken till 9:30 or so.  Of course, the wind comes up at 9:35 so you do have to work in an expeditious manner.  C'mon.....click HERE  and let's carpool up there.

If you wish to view the flowers in a more unique way.......click HERE and if you have a chance, drop me a line and let me know how you like this presentation.  Oh yes, when it opens, right click and go full screen for a great interactive view.  Please use the back button or scroll down to return to the main menu.


      We didn't have to travel too far for this  assemblage of the Nations.  The faces were familiar from prior powwows that we have attended and it was a meeting of old friends and the making of new ones.  It was the passing on of stories and traditions so important in the perpetuation of the culture.  Listen to the drums and the rhythm of life as I attempt to capture photographically and  share with you, the energy and power of the spirit that abounds..... join us  HERE  


    Long a favorite location of ours, come with us to view the vortices of Mother Earth.  Just click

HERE and I'll transport you.



  One of the most beautiful drives in this country is the Going To The Sun Road in Glacier National Park.   Only problem, is that it wasn't open yet....too much snow for the plows to handle.  My advice is to call before you go.....twice would be good.  As it turns out, we are getting better and better at making lemonade so this closure necessitated a great deal of extra driving around the perimeter of the park.  Yes, we did burn a lot more fossil fuel and yes my footprint did get bigger and yes I am ridden with guilt however the up side is that we met people, saw and did things we would never, never have done had we taken the "easy" way.  We got to kiss a wolf and see what happens when East Glacier gets a lot of snow the preceding winter,,,,,loads of wildflowers. 

Never been there???  OK...click HERE and let's go.


     Like most things in life this is all about timing......and ours could not have been better.  All too often when one has limited exposure to a happening in nature we get the "You shoulda been here yesterday" routine.  This time however we were there at the peak of the peak, in the right locations and met warm and friendly New Englanders happy to share their love of place with us.  You might say this is one of those things you want to check off on your "bucket list" but no.  Like specacular sunrises and sunsets, the Autumn colors just require another turn in the road to elicit the gasp of wonder.  One does not get jaded at special creations and the been there, done that mentality does not apply.  Autumn is a recurring theme  in the fragility of life.   O.K.  you know how to travel with us now so just click HERE


    In December SNOW Magazine asked me to do a photo shoot for them.  Miami sounds like a weird place to do ski fashions but unbelievably, this city hosts the largest snow skiing club in the U.S.  The show was held at a truly upscale hotel, the Viceroy in the heart of downtown with spectacular rooms and views to match.  I did a video composed of still images leading off with a sunset from under the MacArthur Causeway and progressing to an exciting show of ski fashions from all of the big name companies.   Beautiful models and gorgeous ski gear from such companies as Bogner, Victorinox, Nobis, Post Card, Parajumpers and many others surely made this a tough assignment.....but as they say, "somebody has to do it".  Click on HERE and the link will whisk you off to SNOW MAGAZINE'S extravaganza   Enjoy............


    By definition, this is what "photography" is all about but the digital age has changed the playing field dramatically.  In the days of analog photography we placed the camera on a tripod, opened the shutter and then ran amuck with a flashlight or strobe to illuminate various objects and hope it all came together in the form of a meaningful image.  Now with digital we can rack 'em and stack 'em in photoshop and giggle all night.  What this means in essence is that there is no....NO rest for the photographer.  Now you can shoot the sweet light, shoot in IR at midday, and paint at night.  Have a look at some of the fun we had HERE



    We are blessed to have a jewel in close proximity to our house that is an unending source of photographic joy.  That jewel is called Lake Balboa.  Truth be known it is in actuality the effluent of the sewage treatment plant here in the San Fernando Valley.  It acts as not only a bird, but a people sanctuary in the environs of Los Angeles. The lake offers countless opportunities for nature walks, jogging, picnics, birding, fishing and the list goes on.  One of the seasonal perks is that the city has planted cherry trees which for a few fleeting weeks in the Spring offer a brilliant splash of color to one's imagination.  Every year I try to see the lake in a new way and for the last two years, I have unearthed a photographic technique that my wife and I wrote about in an article for Peterson's Photographic Magazine in 1995.  It was titled "Mylar Magic" and in an era that preceded digital processing, we were able to render truly impressionistic views of flowers and artistic subjects.  The images you will see are still rendered in that fashion.  Image capture by shooting in a Mylar mirror with minimal if any help from Photoshop.  If you love the Impressionist's view of the world,  well, my world anyhow, click HERE and set your imagination free.



    The telephone rang and the voice on the other end inquired: "What are you doing for Memorial Day"?  I suddenly began to salivate as  thoughts of beer, hot dogs, hamburgers etc. began swirling in my head.  I had never been to this person's house for a BBQ but figured this was as good a time as any to start.  Segue to reality.  " The reason I'm calling" the voice went on, "is to ask you if you would help us photograph at the Los Angeles National Cemetery". Well, I have often driven past this cemetery but never had the opportunity to go in neither vertically nor horizontally.  With thoughts of a bacchanal that would make my cardiologist cringe dashed, I made the only proper choice. 

    When I arrived, I saw there was a huge crowd of folks that had gathered to pay respects to our fallen veterans. They witnessed re-enactments of Civil War battles, waved flags, visited gravesites,  shared memories and love with one another. 

    If you didn't have the opportunity to say thank you and express your appreciation for their sacrifices at a similar venue, you still have a chance.  All you have to do is click HERE


     I am a sucker for the unusual, the difficult and the demanding.  This time it was "Would you like to do some photography at the Grove"?  The Grove is a collection of shops in Farmer's Market in L.A.  Louis Van Amstel, is one of the cadre of phenomenal instructors appearing on "Dancing With The Stars" and has a collection of really dedicated girls in his dance class. This time they were going to be filmed as part of Mario Lopez's TV show EXTRA on NBC.  My job was to portray the energy, joy, talent and determination of these ladies who were dancing on the cobblestones this day rather than a finely polished wooden floor.

     Louis was in the process of juggling his class along with auditioning dancers and making a DVD he will be marketing internationally of his  workout.  Have no doubt......THIS IS A WORKOUT!  

    The images are totally out of order and begin in a loft in downtown LA, then jump around to his studio in Sherman Oaks and the streets of "The Grove".  Give a photographer some music along with good looking women and.....well, let's quit reading and start moving.............

            CLICK HERE








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