O.K., before you think I really lost it, no this is not about Iraq.  I'm old enough to deal with my mortality on a realistic basis and young enough to try and get a lot more mileage out of this frame. Outside of Los Angeles on Interstate 5 about 60 miles to the north is a historic location called Ft. Tejon.  It is here that stalwart Civil War re-enactors gather once a month on Sundays during the summer.  They seem to thrive on the days when the asphalt feels squishy beneath your feet from the heat, while they are wearing the same woolen uniforms their predecessors wore during the winters of the war that divided our nation.

    Refreshingly, photographers are welcomed and the participants are pleased to share their enthusiasm with the public.  They camp out, eat, live and play games exactly as was done in the 1860's.  Check out their website for dates and times.  Bring plenty of water, film or flash cards and join them in the time warp.

    Here are a few of the images that I think you'll agree could have been done by Matthew Brady.

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