I recall my first trip to Death Valley, California.  No, it wasn't to hitch up the  twenty mules and pull Borax, it was strangely, a photo jaunt.  That was in the days of film and I was told to bring about six rolls per day to shoot.  We of course arrived there from Los Angeles at high noon, and when I took one look at the dunes I figured I could do the whole trip on one roll.  It was pretty bleak looking and this being my freshman year in photography, I didn't know about the magic of early and late light. When I finally had the joy of hiking in the dark with a little penlight, struggling up the soft dunes and trying to figure out exactly where I was, I was sure one roll would be more than enough. By sunrise however , the reason for being there became apparent to even me.  The light, the sky, the dunes and the shadows were as they say "gaspers".  It is a definite winter season trip unless of course you are some kind of masochist and  get off on heat stroke.  The last trip to this iconic location was with a group of friends this last March.  We visited the ghost town of Rhyolite and had a blast.  We  experimented with painting the buildings with light at night, playing with the "Last Supper ghosts" and hitting the usual spots photographers throng to. 

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